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Spot the YETI

Usually this space is saved for activities, events, trails etc. Every once in a while I’ll talk about product here. There’ll be something special about it to be sure. No run of the mill…seen it before… no big deal…why are you wasting my time products here folks. YETI coolers and accessories definitely fit this criteria.

Yeti Blog quote 1Let’s address the elephant in the room.  YETI products aren’t cheap, they aren’t cheaply made, or cheaply priced. Just take a look at this cross section. yeti blog pic 1The YETI Cooler gets the most in store, unsolicited recommendations than just about anything else! Customers who already have one will offer up their experiences to those we are showing them to. They are simply the best in their category.

Our YouTube Channel has YETI Videos with tons of tips and recommendations, check it out .

gI_84009_YETI RamblersSome people start off with Rambler, Colster, Lowball or other type of accessory. Think back to therambler_stainless gateway product into your experience with Apple Computers, the iPod, same kind of thing. We held a FaceBook contest where we packed a Rambler full of ice, and put a clock on it. the person who posted the closest time to the melt down won the Rambler. It took 37 hours for the ice to melt!

Yeti Blog quote 2There are lots of products you may be familiar with that are considered “the best” in their respective categories, you know what they are…think of them and answer this question… Wouldn’t it be nice to own the best of something?

IMG_0497The gift to give this Holiday Season is going to be anything built by YETI, anything! We have a great selection of Coolers and Accessories. Stop in on your way out to play and check it out!


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