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Pints for a Purpose August Benefits Blount Co Habitat for Humanity

BCHFH Local Mission Statement:
Building on our Christian foundation by working with people of all faiths and beliefs in aBCHFH 2 Color logo copy spirit of collaboration and compassion, Blount County Habitat for Humanity, along with our ReStore, mobilizes community partners and volunteers in the building, rehabilitation and repair of safe, quality and affordable housing and the promotion of homeownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Blount County Habitat for Humanity is known in our community for our vision to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness by providing a simple, yet quality and walls upenergy efficient home to families and individuals living below 60% of the area median income level in Blount County. And, as evidenced by the most recent U.S. Census, the demand in East Tennessee is great: of the over 125,000 persons living in Blount County, 17,000 (13.7%) live below the poverty line. Habitat offers a “hand up” for low-income families, giving their children the opportunity to grow up in a safe, stable and comfortable housing environment.
During the year, we have two application cycles where we have 100 families per cycle apply for homes through the program. Since 1992, Blount County Habitat has built 144 homes, housing about 213 adults and 328 children. Each home appraises between hand up $120,000 and $150,000, with the majority of the labor being provided by volunteers from the community.
Each partner family attends nine months of homeownership and financial literacy classes and contributes 300-450 hours of “sweat equity” by building their home and the homes of other partner families. After their home is constructed, the partner family is responsible for repaying a zero-interest mortgage at an affordable rate.
In an effort to meet the public demand for high efficiency, low energy homes, Blount Habitat has begun making affordable “green” upgrades in existing and new homes when financing allows. Making low-income homes more energy efficient will help to reduce energy bills, improve comfort and help to protect the environment. These are improvements for the homeowner and for the community.
Another important mission that makes a huge impact in our community is our Housing Repair, Rehab and Neighborhood Revitalization programs. Last year, BCHGH (HRC) provided over 90 repairs to Blount County residents (this year’s numbers may even be higher!) who are our lower to very low income, or simply have a special need for a ramp. This repairs, sometimes critical in nature, can be life-changing to the resident. As with all our programs, we need funding and volunteers to support the continuation of our missions.

About our ReStore
The ReStore is a venture of Blount County Habitat for Humanity and supports the localHabitat-ReStore affiliate by providing good stewardship of sustainable resources in the community. The mission of the Blount County Habitat for Humanity ReStore is to resell donated items to raise money to support the work of Blount County Habitat for Humanity and provide simple, affordable homes for families in need in Blount County. Items sold at the ReStore are donated by individuals, builders, manufacturers and local businesses. All proceeds from the ReStore go back into new construction, housing rehabs and housing repairs. The ReStore also benefits the community by diverting waste from local landfills and providing quality merchandise to our customers at reasonable prices. Shoppers can find clothing, household items, appliances, furniture, electronics, building supplies and MUCH more at the ReStore! It is easy for anyone to get involved at the ReStore! You can help your community and Blount County Habitat for Humanity by simply shopping at the ReStore, donating items you no longer need, or volunteering your free time!

For more information click over Blount County Habitat for Humanity, go to  or contact Leslie Woodall

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